DSP455II Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker


● Outdoor design,waterproof unit,suit for outdoor and indoor. 
● Small and elegant appearance,suit for all kind of decoration place.
● With Power Ta,power adjustable,free choice of input mode.
● Solid aluminum alloy box,not easy to deformation and rust.
● E type pure copper wire audio transformer to ensure fidelity of audio output.


The DSP455II is a weatherproof outdoor column speaker with a 70v/100v transformer built-in.The 70v/100v transmission is realized in a high-voltage, low-current mode, which makes longer distance transmission and parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers possible.

The built-in 4 units 3”x5” and 2 unit 2.5” full range speaker drivers are designed of wide frequency response 140-14,000Hz, the multiple power taps of 8W & 15W could meet different applications varies from room size and ambient noise surroundings. The net cover is made of aluminum and would not rust, it is also designed of weatherproof and heavy damage proof finish; long-term durability, high sensitivity, clear and sonorous sound. Easy and secure wall mount installation in outdoor area through the supplied pair of metal mounting brackets.

This speaker column is ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications in the outdoor area of train station, shopping mall, parking area and factory where background music and paging is needed.



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