In order to supply clients and end users with a one-stop solution, DSPPA also supply peripherals like microphones, volume controllers, audio racks, etc. 
DSPPA has 3 types of microphones: desk-top microphones, fireman microphones/emergency microphones, remote paging microphones/remote paging stations. 
CM10, gooseneck desk-top microphone with built-in chime. 
--2 types of chimes outputs: CHIME UP:1-3-5-і-, CHIME DOWN:i-5-3-1- 
--Frequency range: 100Hz-15kHz 
--Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz 
CM62, gooseneck desk-top microphone 
--Support terminal plug & play function 
--Frequency range: 60Hz-18kHz 
--Power Supply: 1.5V battery 
EC200, gooseneck desk-top microphone. Features: 
--Support terminal plug & play function 
--Frequency range: 50Hz-12kHz 
--Power supply from amplifier or conference host, no need of extra power supply 

Volume Controllers (volume adjusters / volume attenuator) 
DSPPA has 2 types of volume controllers: Volume Controller without Forced Insertion and Volume 
Controller with Forced Insertion. Features: 
--WH-1, WH-2, WH-3, WH-4, WH-5 without forced insertion 
--WH-1F, WH-2F, WH-3F, WH-4F, WH-5F, Wh-706, WH-712 with forced insertion 
--70V/100V input (WH-3 and WH-3F of 8Ωinput) 
--Standard 86 box on wall design 
--WH-2, WH-2F, WH-5, WH-5F with 5 audio inputs selection function 
--Default output power of 6W, can be extended by transformers to 30W, 60W, 120W, 200W 
-- WH-3 and WH-3F are of 6W output, WH-706 of 60W output, WH-712 of 120W output, do not support power extension 

Audio Racks 
DSPPA has 2 types of audio racks. 
Audio Rack without door (MP1105, MP1110, MP1115, MP1118). Features: 
--4 choices for interior size: 8U, 18U, 28U, 38U 
--Maximum 500 kg Max load 
--Optional truckles under the base for moving 

Audio Rack without door (MP1105, MP1110, MP1115, MP1118). Features: 
--3 choices for interior size: 20U, 30U, 40U 
--Maximum 600 kg Max load 
--With 4 aluminum slots inside the cabinet for mounting 
--Having a toughened glass for front door 
--Improving the safety by setting locks on front door and rear door 
--Optional truckl

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