DSPPA has a speaker production line covers all kinds of speakers for different applications, namely Ceiling Speaker, Wall Mount Speaker, Column Speaker, Digital Column Speaker, Horn Speaker, Sound Projector, Garden Speaker, Array Speaker, Invisible Speaker, Military Speaker, Active Speaker. The Low Impedance Ceiling Speakers concern more on music sound effect while the High Impedance Ceiling Speakers (70V/100V) concern more on sound clarity and are more suitable for long distance transfer. They can be applied in all kinds of venues where background music or paging is needed, like airports, railway station, parks, shopping malls, schools, churches, mosques, restaurants, etc. 
Ceiling Speaker. DSPPA has the most comprehensive ceiling speaker production line with Surface Mount Ceiling Speaker, Flush Mount Ceiling Speaker, Low Impedance Ceiling Speaker (4-16Ω, Resistance Fixed), High Impedance Ceiling Speaker (70V/100V, Voltage Fixed), Passive Ceiling Speaker and Active Ceiling Speaker. There are ceiling speakers without fire dome and with fire dome, and some ceiling speakers with fire dome are designed according to EN54-24 requirements. They have driver units of different size: 3”, 4.5”, 5”, 6.5” and 8”. Some coaxial ceiling speakers are also equipped with high pitch driver units of 1”. 
Wall Mount Speaker. Due to its convenience in installation, Wall Mount Speaker is quite popular in indoor voice reinforcement projects for back ground music and paging. DSPPA DSP6061 series wall mount speaker has been the favorite product for its wonderful sound effect and reliability. Its housing uses thickened industrial ABS, while grille uses stainless, durable for long term use. The series has 1 high pitch driver unit of 1”, and low pitch driver units of 4”, 5”, 6.5” and 8“. In 2016, DSPPA has launched an improved wall mount speaker series—DSP8062 Series. Comparing to DSP6061 Series, it has more fashionable outlook, with low pitch driver units of 4” (RMS 20W), 5” (RMS 30W), 6.5” (RMS 40W). 
Besides the most common Ceiling Speakers and Wall Mount Speakers, DSPPA has all kinds of speakers to meet clients’ different needs.

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