PA7005 Wireless PA system

PA7500 wireless PA System includes a complete devices for wireless PA solution, such as control host, wireless signal transmitter, wireless signal receiver, wireless PA amplifier, wireless PA speaker, etc. With wireless transmission, the system works in stable condition with wide broadcast coverage. The wireless public address system can do background broadcast, business broadcast, and emergency broadcast. It is an economic solution for large Public Address projects such as village PA system, gas field PA system, railway station PA system, etc.

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    Features: ● With 2 AUX inputs, one EMC MIC input, one AUX audio output, and two serial port communication interface.● Provided with one-touch-ready alarm function.● Equipped with f...

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    เป็นเนื้อหาของบทความหรือสินค้าโดยละเอียดกรุณาใส่ข้อความ …
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