Digital Simultaneous Interpretation System

In order to meet clients’ different needs for the conference systems, DSPPA has developed the following digital conference systems. 

MP9866 Series, Economic Conference System 
This system consists of 3 models: MP9866 Conference Host, CM60 Chairman Microphone, CM61 Delegate Microphone. Features: 
--Support 35 Mic at the same time; 
--Support cascaded linkage between microphones; 
--Support 4 speech modes: Free Mode, FIFO Mode. Chairman Only Mode, 1-19 Limited Mode. 
--Built-in DSP audio processing chip, with feedback suspension function, ensure good sound quality.

D6801 Series, Wireless Microphone System 
This system consists of 3 models: D6801 Wireless Conference Host, D6802 Wireless Chairman Microphone, D6803 Wireless Delegate Microphone. Features: 
--Advanced and stable 2.4G wireless technology 
--High confidentiality, avoid interference: ADFHSS technology, ID setting for each Mic. 
--Support 225 Mic at the same time; 
--Smart camera tracking function, 4 camera inputs, 2 video outputs 
--4 speech modes: Free Mode, FIFO Mode, Chairman Mode, Time-limited Mode 

D6201 Series, Intelligent Conference System 
This system consists of 3 main models and other extension peripherals: D6201 Conference Host, D6221 Chairman Microphone, D6222 Delegate Microphone. Features: 
--Comply with IEC 60914 International Standard 
--Support 128 Mic at the same time 
--4.3” touch screen for convenient use 
--Smart camera tracking function, 4 camera inputs (4 HDMI & 4 VGA), 1 video output 
--5 speech modes: Free Mode, FIFO Mode, Normal Mode, Voice Mode, Free Mode, Apply Mode 
--Support computer remote control and android pad control 
--Support Simultaneous interpretation function 

D9001 Series, Paperless Conference System 
This system mainly consists of conference server and computer/pad conference terminals. Features: 
--Support 128 terminals 
--Support documents sharing between conference terminals like Word, PPT, Photos, Videos, etc.
--Support smart camera tracking function 
--Support screen-projection and screen-sharing function 
--Support electrical desk card display function

  • d6215-600x600-20170712_400x400 (1).jpg
    Features: ● Digital conference system interpretation control host;● Dedicated 8-pin high-density transmission wire connection is applied;● Can connect 11 interpretation units;● Wit...

  • d6229-600x600-20170712_400x400.jpg
    Features: ● 12 channel interpretation unit applied in the digital conference system;● With internal magnetic speakers, 3.5mm headphone jack, headphone volume adjustable;● With 3.5m...

  • d6304-600x600-20170712_400x400.jpg
    Features: ● Infrared directional transmission, highly confidential;● It has automatic level control function(ALC);● With high performance digital programmable phase locked chip,● ...

  • d6324-600x600-20170712_400x400.jpg
    Features: ● Super launch capability, the longest distance of up to 50 meters;● It has the function of synchronous switch withcomputer;● A variety of transmit power adjustable (25W)...

  • d6325-600x600-20170712_400x400.jpg
    Features: ● With head mounted double sided headphones, easy to wear and comfortable;● With more powerful MCU, the control performance of the whole machine is further improved;Intro...

  • d6326-600x600-20170712_400x400.jpg
    Features: ● Maximum 40 receivers can be charged at the same time;● General power supply;● Support serial connection ;● Quick charge: the maximum charge time is 5 hours;● The chargi...

  • d6328-600x600-20170712_400x400.jpg
    Features: ● Can be used for conference units for monitoring;● Used in conference systems to avoid being affected by others;● Comes 1.5 meters long connection;● High fidelity acoust...
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