DSP8064W 40W Wall Mount Speaker with Power Tap


● Input 70V/100V/4-16Ω
● Wide Freq.Resp.:65-20,000Hz
● Max SPL:107±2dB
● High sensitivity:91±2dB
● Wall mount type loudspeaker
● Metal grille and ABS enclosure of white color
● Equipped with hanging holes for mounting convenient


The DSP8064W is a wall mount speaker built-in 70v/100v transformer.The 70v/100v transmission is realized in a high-voltage, low-current mode, which makes longer distance transmission and parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers possible.

The multiple power taps from 2.5W to 40W could meet different applications varies from room size and ambient noise surroundings.Metal grille and ABS enclosure of white color, long-term durability, never out of shape and fading; high sensitivity, clear and sonorous sound. Easy and secure wall mount installation by hanging holes.

It is ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications in hotel, school, office and factory where background music and paging is needed.



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