MAG2189 Intelligent Public Address Center


● Friendly big display screen.
● Easy to control the touch screen (or touch pad).
● Automatic Chinese/English display mode conversion.
● 50×250 strong digital broadcasting matrix.
● Built-in exclusive DSPPA electroacoustic program. 
● 1-48 remote control partition paging channels.


This MAG2189 is an intelligent Public Address Centre. The industrial circuit board guarantee the stable running for the whole system. It has 10.4’’ color touch screen and automatic Chinese/English display mode conversion, operating conveniently and easily. 1-48 remote paging channels and strong audio matrix design. Built-in optional module function: Common input, Priority input, Partition Common Output, Monitoring, Extended output/input module and so on. Built-in DSPPA sound resource for BGM. Support background music without external source device.

It is a Public Address System solution suitable for medium and large venues like station, stadium, exhibition center, commercial building, park, scenic port, government, college or university, hotel, villa, industry, bank, jail and so on




Visitors: 44,711