MAG6806 Network Amplifier


● IP Network Amplifier
● 100V speaker output
● Rated power 60W/120W/250W/350W/650W
● Digital amplifier
● Audio source: AUX,Mic,USB,SD
● Digital screen to indicate running status

MAG68 series networked playing power amplifier is a kind of fully networking digital analog-digital signal processor supporting 100/10Mbps self-adaptation TCP/IP network transmission protocol; The rated power of this ip network amplifier is 60W-650W, according to the practical application. It is with the design of double network backup, it is allowed to access to any switch simultaneously. This ip network pa amplifier built-in MP3 player with USB interface and SDC card port, so as to play MP3 program on this machine without playing the internet audio signal; Audio sources including AUX, MIC, USB, SD.



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