POE6463B POE Powered Network Wall Mount Speaker


● 100/10Mbps, TCP/IP network transmission protocol adaptive
● High class waterproof grille, engineering plastic mold design
● Built-in 20W high efficiency digital amplifier with low power-consuming.
● Audio source includes: Background music, emergency call, and alarm from the Host
● 1 auxiliary audio input, 1 auxiliary audio output and 1 microphone input

POE6463B is a network full digital signal processor Hi-Fi speaker based on TCP/IP protocol. With dual network interface design, it can be connect to anywhere the network reaches. Under intelligent control of the system center, this terminal serves to output the long distance audio data flow.  Built in MP3 player, USB port, and SD slot, for local program playing.  With 1 aux input to connect with other audio source equipment; 1 aux audio output for connection with other amplifiers for power extension; and 1 MIC input for local Paging.


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