MAG6182II IP Network PA Center


● 17’’ true color touch screen, easy for use
● Full digital transmission;transmitted mainly by network(LAN)
● Industrial circuit board for stable running 
● Powerful matrix;rich built-in electro-acoustic program sources
● Built-in four independent audio input channels,CD player and special audio source 
● Standard 19’’ design for rack mounting
● Log view function;view operation status
● Control the volume of timed contents 


This MAG6182II is a Network Public Address Center, which is a computer network technology based, modular structured and highly integrated and intelligent public address system.

The network public address device is compatible with terminals with various functions, including player terminals, VOD terminals, paging terminals and one-button emergency calling terminals etc. The device is composed of a player, a zoning mechanism, a timer and an equalizer, in addition it also provides powerful audio matrix function.

The network public address system is applicable to airports, wharves, college towns, schools, large gatherings (such as the Expo Park), gymnasium, industrial parks, parks, rail transit and express ways.



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